Arise My Love, Newsong

Have you ever been told you are not educated enough, your not smart enough, your not old enough to minister the word of God. 
Ain’t  that the crazies thing you have ever heard. 
God told us in John 15:16 “That I choose you.” He did not say man chose you, he did not say go get a college degree from a seminary before you tell people about me. 
But he said I choose you, If you have that burning desire to get on the streets, behind the pulpit or just through social media go for it. That deep down burning feeling is the spirit of God telling you to do just what you were created to do. 

Stop listing to man, sometimes it just all comes to the top that God is using you and not them. They don’t want you getting ahead of them. That does happen unfortunately.

Be Blessed

Study the word

And go tell His people About His Love and forgiveness

and testify.

John 15:16
‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.’

I had an awesome time ministering to the teens at North Florida Arts & Sciences Academy March 08, 2019. We played games while learning scripture placement, talked about Christ-like actions that can help lift others. 

It was Great! I can't wait till next time!


God's Not Dead. Newsboys

We do no own the songs. The copyrights goes to Newsong and Winter Jam.

It’s the little things you do that have an impact.

Buy someone else's meal or coffee when you're going through the drive through.

Someone short of cash at the grocery store or gas station?

Cover part of their bill for them.

Give your church or a local charity.

Volunteer at a local food shelf or soup kitchen.

Give an extra large tip for waitstaff that have gone out of their way for you, or who look like they're having a bad day.

Spend time with older folks at a local nursing home. Do a single mother’s oil change,rake leaves for older folks and give rides to people who don't have a car.

There are plenty of things God has given to us to enjoy here on this earth, some good clean wholesome fun. We enjoy getting together with our friends, sharing things we have in our lives,

what we have seen, what we have done or accomplished. But if what we are chasing after isn't Jesus and his kingdom, none of it matters all things of this earth will pass away.

We can't take it with us ​and it sure can't get us, eternal life with our heavenly Father.

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We do no own the songs. The copyrights goes to Newsong and Winter Jam.

Watergrave W.A.O.T.M. Band

We do no own the songs. The copyrights goes to Newsboys and Winter Jam.

 Big shout out to Pastor Skipper and Crystal Hair for inviting me out to testify and sing at Lake City Christian Academy on Feb 11 2019. I had such a wonderful time and appriciated the gratefulness from all.