We speak of the earth, and world around it. Earth without end. The world is God’s, and the fullness thereof. He made the world, and everything in it. There are things that man thinks he made: but God made it all, and gave man the thought to think he did. No man has anything that didn’t come down from heaven: gifts of both celestial, and terrestrial. Again, the physical body is only a vehicle for God’s thoughts (Spirit) to use in accomplishing His desires.
The eternal plan, of God, has no beginning, or ending. God is the beginning, and the ending, therefore all things, that He made, have always been, and will continue throughout eternity of eternities: that is if God has always existed! God forbid, even the thought, that He once did not exist. Who, or what, could have accomplished such a plan?
The details of any particular eternal day, of generations, are accomplishments that will test, try, persecute, to make the righteous perfect, and the unrighteous to destruction. There are few righteous, and many unrighteous. When the word, in a righteous man, leaves it’s vehicle, it ascends into the third heaven; awaiting the time to take it’s rightful place, in the Father‘s temple. When the word, in the unrighteous, leave it’s vehicle, it wonders through the earth to other vehicles: that are susceptible to it’s achievements, therefore accomplishing it’s measure, until time to take it’s place among those, who serve God’s kingdom: giving an account for the thoughts, given him as fulfilled.
God's Word, of celestial knowledge (tongues of angels), is distributed throughout His written Word, for any one topic. One must put line here, with line there: Precept here, with Precept there: a little, as distributed, throughout His Word: to make any one truth; that which will never change, or pass away. Milk is put away, when one becomes a spiritual man. Knowledge ceases when it is fulfilled: spiritual man becomes an elder, having fulfilled that which has been appointed him, before creation. If the Father’s chosen are of the celestial priest value: all things would be put behind, and that holy vessel take it’s place in the Father’s temple. The details, of the Eternal Plan, are insignificant, when the celestial word comes to it’s end treasure; it is re-united within God‘s temple.
God’s eternal plan is not unlike a spiritual, jigsaw, puzzle: put together by the Brain of God, for the elect. Man does not choose anything; it is God’s Word, going forth, in a physical vehicle, to accomplish His eternal plan. God’s word, in the physical vehicle, is as a wisp, of wind, in the eternity of time: re-cycling throughout eternity, by individual eternities.​