If you do not know what it is to put away, think on what you were fed at your first teachings. As a child I was fed the milk (man’s sincere understanding of God’s Word, or man’s righteousness), as a man I was fed the meat (spiritual knowledge revealed by the spirit within the physical temple), as an elder I was fed the ETERNAL Word (wisdom: still reveled by the spirit), as a priest/king I became equivalent to God‘s temple; the spiritual word: that will never pass away: all increase was by the Master teacher (Holy Spirit’s body within the fleshly temple: anointing one’s spiritual heart, at repentance; this is spiritual baptism). 
This translation, of Revelation, is for the spiritually grown, not the babe, still on milk (man’s understanding). Hebrews 5:12 Such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. A babe, in the family of God, will reject strong meat: because he is not weaned from the milk, and cannot comprehend. Therefore spewing hard food from his mouth, as does the fleshly babe. [John 15:15 The servant knoweth not what his lord doeth. * Hebrews 5:13 For every one that useth milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. * Romans 1:20 The invisible things are known by the things that are made.] Physical babes reveal the nature of the spiritual babe. The same with men, and elders. 
Hosea 4:6,14 My people are destroyed for lack of (spiritual) knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, ___and your children___. 14___:therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall (spiritual death). 
One must take on the mind of Christ, and walk in the spirit with Him: to understand revelation of God's Word. Butter, and honey, will he eat that he will know the good from the evil. Butter is sincere milk, of the word. Honey is sweet of the meat. Then comes the spiritual, and eternal word, of God, that never passes away. Three steps to spiritual growth: babe, man, elder. These steps are like a ramp, and not as steps of sudden growth: everything in time and season. Spiritual growth is gradual, just as any physical increase is gradual. 
In the book of John 21:15-17 Jesus is provoking Peter into knowing he must feed spiritual food (Word) to the spiritual babes, then spiritual men, and then spiritual elders. Peter feed my lambs (babes), Peter feed my sheep (men), Peter feed my sheep (elders). 
[1 Corinthians 13:11 I put a way childish things.] Milk will pass as you grow into the meat. [Isaiah 28:9 Who can he teach knowledge and doctrine? those weaned from the milk.] When weaned: one does not return to the previous food. [1 Corinthians 13:8 Whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.] Knowledge too will pass as you understand the wisdom of God's eternal word: and God's law is fulfilled. [Matthew 24:35 My word will never pass away.] We know that God's word is something deeper than milk, and meat. He said milk, and meat, would pass away. We must seek deeper than is being taught. Not unlike all things with God, the Word too is in threes. Notice the book, of Revelation, reveals the end time, three different times during it's course. Daniel had three visions about the end time. Israel has been taken captive by heathens twice, and will shortly be taken captive again. There are two daughters, of Jerusalem, and will soon be a third born in the millennium. Egypt, and Babylon, will have three daughters before all prophesy is fulfilled. All things with God are in threes: not to leave out that God’s number is “3”. The new Jerusalem will be born out of Babylon. [Jeremiah 25:11 * Jeremiah 27:22 * Jeremiah 27:11 * Jeremiah 29:10 * Jeremiah 28:11 * Isaiah 11:11] A primary teaching is to discern time intervals: throughout these seven thousand years. Until one can place a scripture within it's time frame, he will have confusion of understanding. A primary required knowledge is to understand the parts of God. Keep in mind too, that Daniel’s visions are going to happen three times also, and prevent mixing the time frame of each occurrence of the incidents. Until one understands the “Godhead Bodily” the scriptures will remain a mystery to that one. Romans 1:20 states that this Godhead, and God’s eternal plan must be understood: without excuse!!! 
Conclusion: If you do not understand the three Heads, the three bodies, and the spiritual blood that keeps these alive, please ask, or seek, the “Godhead” document from the composer of this document, or website http://our.homewithgod.com/lotw/index.html. Thank you! 
The first three chapters, of Revelation, speaks of the end time; this present two thousand years. The rapture, in the midst of the tribulation, is the cut off point of these three chapters: three years, and seven months, before the coming of Christ, (Daniel 12:11 1290 days is: 1260 days + 30 days, leaving 1 month for the gathering of kings, of the world; 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9). Christ said he would cut righteousness short [Romans 9:28]. There would be a famine of hearing the Word [Amos 8:11]. He would cut it short for the elects sake less there be no flesh saved. The elect, for the Gentile generation, is Christ’s body [Acts 15:14] He will cut this time short by three years, and six months, before the end of the Gentile generation [Daniel 9:27 * Revelation 11:2]. After two thousand years He will turn his face back to the Jew [Hosea 6:2 * Acts 15:16]. [Hebrews 9:26] Remember the two thousand years, of this generation, started with Christ, coming to 

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