It is given for me to believe every dot, and tittle, of God’s written Word. I must accept the earth has always been, and always will be. The earth’s surface is renewed, for each eternal day, in God’s appointed time. 
“Holy Spirit endow me, with abilities, to see things I can’t think to ask. Should exposure, of Your Thoughts, be in my measure: then provide me, with sufficient knowledge to accomplish this goal, and by your hand may this book go forth to the celestially wise: for in them is endowed the spring of understanding, the fountain of wisdom, and the stream of knowledge.
The fear, of God, is knowing that He has made everything, that man cannot change, or alter, the work that God made from the beginning, to the end. What God has done is forever: nothing can be changed, added too, or taken away; it is permanently set, and God did it. Man has NOTHING that did not come down from heaven.
It is written: Many prophets and righteous men, have desired to see those things which I see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which I hear, and have not heard them. The Holy Spirit’s blessing, within my temple, is the gift of knowledge, and prophesy interpretation: in celestial understanding. i.e., tongues of angels. When my writings are finished, the wise, among the people, will understand.
It is not for the skeptic, disbeliever, or critic, that I compose this writing. No man judges God’s people, God’s Word is judgment! Spiritual growth is gradual, and is accomplished, only in His time, and His season. I stand, in Spirit, as a giant oak tree: I do not bend, I do not bow, and I do not break. God’s Word is as flames from a celestial Fire. My God is a consuming Fire.
Wisdom of the Holy Spirit (God’s Brain) will lead the elect, given to seek Him, by ways diverse from terrestrial knowledge. Fear, and doubt, will possess them, and persecutions will torment them: to achieve discipline, that they abide within the celestial realm. If it is given, of God‘s mind, the celestial laws will try the elect for perfection, comfort, and show them the straight way home. The elect must be perfect as He is perfect. Holy as He is holy! No leaven of terrestrial thought, can enter into the celestial realm of God. 
God does things in threes: even the smallest particle, known to man, He made in three parts (the atom). Then the largest particle being God: made in three seasons, in three times, and three divisions, in His eternal plan. The earth generations are in three: Jewish, Gentiles, refurbished Jews. The 24 hour day is in three parts; night, morning, evening. Earth ages are in threes: first, second, and third; this could go on, and on, and on, but you get the idea?
Man was made without life: a vehicle for God’s thoughts with intent, to accomplish the details of His eternal plan. God breathed the breath-of-life into man; and man became a living soul. Without the thoughts, from God, the man would still be without life! The man, God created, is only a vehicle used to accomplish His desires. When God’s thoughts enter into man; man becomes transportation for God’s thoughts, by which He accomplishes His desires.