North Florida Arts & Science ( private school ) along with Warriors Are On The Move ministry 

Movie night is about to commence.

Movie Night admittance will be free of charge.

Movies being shown will be and or simular to:

​God's Not Dead          God's Not Dead 2          God's Not Dead A Light In The Darkness         The Passion        Do You Believe          Left Behind

Left Behind 2         Left Behind: World At war         Courageous        FireProof        Heaven Is Real         War Room           I Can Only Imagine 


Decieved         The Miracles of the Cards         Meggido The Omega Code 2          The Revelation Road    

Please keep checking on us to see when we will start showing movies.

Each week we will list on this website what will be playing the week of that movie.

*Please keep all involved Kids, Teens, Faculty, Staff and Volunteers in continuous prayer.

​Thank You in advance

Note to Readers

As Of Febuary 07, 2019

I am so excited to be scheduling our Praise and Worship event of 2019 at Stephen Foster Park. Working along side of Skipper and Christal Hair we have been making phone calls, texting and messaging almost every day for the past several weeks to prepare for this Event. Along with Mike Harding Jr taking up some heavy responsibilty for scheduling are other events. 

This year of 2019 is going to be a powerful year! It's going to be a year filled with annointing by the one and only true God.

We will have two anointed special guest showing up. You will have to keep a look out for the future post and keep a look out on the website at WarriorsAreOnTheMove.Org for future info. This event is going to be geared toward the young people so get ready to get your Praise on Young Adults!

​Estimated Event Date is in May 2019

An update of our Stephen Foster Park event we are waiting on the approval of our proposal as of 04/26/19.