A day in creation = is a thousand years.
A day in Daniel’s time = one year.
A day in eternity = forty-two thousand years.
To die is a physical death.
A woe is a spiritual death.
Eternal day = one earth age of 14,000 years
God’s temple/tabernacle = body of the Father
God = celestial thoughts, words and works.
Father = Head of all.
Holy Spirit/Ghost = God’s brain.
Holy Spirit’s body = Father’s nerve system.
Celestial = heavenly.
Celestial spirit = Holy Spirit.
Celestial soul = Entity of Holy Spirit’s body.
Celestial Blood = God’s Word.
Christ = Heart of the Father.
Christ’s body = Father’s blood system.
Lake of Fire = God’s Celestial Word.
Flames of fire = entities of celestial Word.
Angel = an entity of God’s Word.
Satan = terrestrial thoughts, words, and works.
Terrestrial = earthly. 
Terrestrial spirit = man’s brain.
Terrestrial soul = man’s (Satan’s) thoughts and words.
Gender = male, because the spirit within the physical temple, man or woman, is of the Father; that being reference to, as male, even though God gives word, of commandment, for both male, and female. One could derive that God’s Word is both male, and female.
Bottle = physical body; temple; vehicle.
Mind = action, i.e., thoughts, of the brain, and is between the brain, and the word (between spirit and soul).
Sheep = celestial bodies of God.
Goats = terrestrial bodies of God.
Beast of the field = terrestrial man.
Vehicle: physical body, physical temple, physical tabernacle.