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The three earth ages, continue to cycle, with seven thousand years, of the Master Carpenter‘s work, and seven thousand years of God’s work in the world, i.e., the results of God‘s thoughts. Another eternity begins.
Seven thousand years of renewing the earth’s surface. To every dot, and tittle, of God’s thoughts will apply again. The earth is not destroyed, and brought into existence, as in the beginning. Time is re-established. The first eternal day (earth age) begins again. After all is accomplished, again, for the first eternal day, the second eternal day will follow, then the third eternal day: throughout eternity, of eternities; so goes the earth without end! 
It is finished, when the righteous are cut short of the world’s end. The bodies, of God, have finished their work, and returned to the Father, with the heads: all as one God. The host, of heaven, complete their assigned measure, return to the Father with their account.