Chapter 8

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Third Eternal Day

Again comes seven thousand years, or seven days, of renewing the earth’s surface. It is night, and time begins for the third eternal day. The power of seven thunders united to rearrange the earth’s surface; noise of earth being rearranged.
The details, of God’s eternal plan, are little know about the second eternal day, or earth age. We have no remembrance, of the second eternal day, as we go forth to accomplish God’s desires, in the third eternal day. We only have the understanding that there was previously eternal days. There are remains, of the second eternal day, in the earth revealing it’s past existence. The surface, of the earth, is pushed into the earth; forcing the inside back to the surface. God renews it by His thoughts of earthquakes, volcanoes, wind, rain, etc, etc, etc. He folds it up, and renews it. Even cities are built on their own heap, having been pushed downward into the earth below. God’s thoughts, from before the earth came forth, go forth to accomplish that which He pleases. In renewing the earth’s surface, again, again, and again. World without end!
The third eternal day has a few obvious details: indicating that it happened before us; e.g., the unknown powers observed in the Bermuda Triangle, and objects, or findings, that prove to be before the first two eternal days, i.e., twenty eight thousand years, an infinite of many eternal days past, indicating age, and time.
As God closes His third eternal day, and after all His thoughts, words, and works, are accomplished. It is the last end. Time is no more for this eternal day. We, God’s word, are back in the Father’s temple. The mansions, He prepared for His elect, are His body: through the veil. Again we know all things: the word/celestial blood, of God is flowing throughout His being, and knowledge is in all vessels, as it passes through each vessel. There are many vessels in the Father’s temple/house; arteries, capillaries, veins, all equal in value. 
Therefore leaving the principles of God‘s details, of this eternal day, let us go on unto perfection; and this will we do, when our word is celestially perfect. As God closes His eternal day, and after all His thoughts, words, and works, are finished: then the celestial word re-enters the Father‘s Brain, the vessels, and the nerve system, re-enters the Father’s body, and the terrestrial word is consumed into His celestial word. As darkness is consumed by light. So goes the terrestrial word (dark) into the celestial word (Light).
Time is no more for the third eternal day. This eternity is finished! Eternity, of the third eternal day, is finished when the details are accomplished.