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There is no excuse for not knowing the invisible things, of heaven, because there is a physical image, of the invisible things in heaven: in the earth, for man to compare, and understand: including God‘s power, and Godhead bodily.
The three that brings in the Last end, of this eternal day: terrestrial head and body, terrestrial brain and body, terrestrial heart and body, i.e., terrestrial father and body, terrestrial spirit and body, terrestrial antichrist and body. Satan is an image of the Godhead bodily. The terrestrial thoughts, after the celestial thoughts are removed from the world, will bring about the last end of the world.
The terrestrial word, in the bottomless pit, will come down to pollute Israel, with terrestrial thoughts: after the thousand year paradise on earth, but will be consumed by the celestial Word. The bottomless pit is the heavens of today; it is endless. At this time the terrestrial word will be consumed by God’s word; the Lake of Fire!
The celestial, and terrestrial, word will return to God: having accomplished all His desires, to be set in their particular arrangement, of His Brain. The entities, of celestial word dwelling in man, return to the father’s temple as crowns of life. The Word that never ends, as a ring without end. The stars, to the celestial word, are battles His Word engaged in, while in the physical vehicles. The terrestrial word will be consumed into light, and no longer exist: until it’s time, in a future eternal day. Will there be any starts in my crown: when at evening the sun goes down?
The Lake of Fire, is the collective flames, compounding all God’s Word. Consuming all wickedness, darkness, evil, into the Light of it!!! Our God is a consuming FIRE!
Time is no more for the second eternal day. This eternity is finished!