Chapter 6

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​Third Generation

​After the second day (two thousand years) God will draw Israel back into their land the second time: from all nations of the world. The third daughter, of Jerusalem, will be born out of Babylon. Paradise will be made, again, for those brought through the spiritual fire. Seven times as hot: God tries Israel. Israel will come forth, out of the fire, as new bottles, tried seven times: prepared for the new wine. The new wine, from the Father, is His body/tabernacle/temple, which will live with the elect of the third generation. Israel is filled with wine: three thirds of God’s bodies. 
The kingdom, of God, will come to the third daughter, of Jerusalem, and be their God, and they will be His vehicles. A new covenant is made for Israel, and their vehicles will be the ark of God’s third covenant. Israel will no longer seek the ark; knowing their vehicles are the ark.
The Thoughts, of God, will be the thoughts of Israel bottle/vehicles. The Words of God will be the word of Israel bottles/vehicles, and the body, of the Father, will be with them.
Do you recognize this statement? It’s the same celestial thoughts that lived within the first generation saints, and the same word that lived in the second generation Gentiles, during the first, and second generations. The first generation: Holy Spirit’s body. Second generation: Christ’s body and Holy Spirit’s body. Third generation: Father’s body, Christ’s body, and Holy Spirit’s body; the same bodies that existed, in physical temples, in the first and second generations. It is God’s Word, going forth to accomplish His eternal plan. Reincarnation? Yes, by His Word, and eternal plan!
Paradise, again, is made for God’s elect. Israel is raised up again for the ark, of His covenant. The vehicles, of Israel, will contain all three bodies, of God: filled with spiritual wine.
The last paradise is greater than the first. Women will bear children in three months, with no pain, sickness, death or sorrow. Children will walk, and talk, at one year old. No one will die before their time, of a hundred years.
This unity, among the elect of the third generation, consists of three thirds, of God’s body, one whole celestial body together again, just as the temple of man’s physical temple is one terrestrial body: man is made in the image of God! Invisible things are known by things made.
Time is no more for this earth age. We, the word, are back in the Father’s temple, and the mansions He prepared, for His elect, are His body/within the veil. Again we will know all things: the word/blood, of God is flowing throughout His being, and knowledge is in all vessels, as it passes through each vessel. There are many values, of vessels, in the Father’s temple/house; vessels, veins, capillaries, all having it’s reward and equal. 
There will be three nations in the world. Egypt, and Babylon, will come to the mountain: giving their treasures to Israel, and worshiping God: as “THE” ruler of the world.
Therefore leaving the principles of Christ doctrine, let us go on unto perfection; and this will we do, when one’s word is celestially perfect. As God closes His eternal day, and after all His thoughts, words, and works, are finished, within our vehicle: then the celestial thought, re-enters the Father‘s Brain, and the terrestrial word is consumed into His Heart. 
As darkness is consumed by light consuming it: so goes the terrestrial, darkness, word into the celestial, light, word. In this statement we see the conclusion of celestial, and terrestrial, word, for this eternal day/earth age: “The son’s of God come before the throne of God, and Satan comes with him”: to give an account of their accomplishments through earth.
The celestial word, given to an entity of God‘s body, is it’s crown, of life, in heaven: when that word is returned to the Father fulfilled. A crown is without end, as is the celestial word. During the accomplishing, of God’s word, one meets with spiritual battles; accomplishments, experiences, etc. Each spiritual battle rates a star in the crown, or word without end. Therefore amplifying the word to it’s appropriate value. In the Father’s house, there are vessels of many values.