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We now exist in the second generation, of the second eternal day. The night is spent, and approximately six sevenths of the day, of this generation. There are details, which happened in the previous second generation, yet to come. Those things, having already been done, shall be done in this time.
The second part, of God, is Christ, and His body (Heart and blood system). Christ came into the world to manifest His Word in the chosen Gentile vehicles, and fill the Gentile elect with two entities of God’s temple. All things are possible, with God, and there are Jews elected, to serve Christ, in the second generation, as there were Gentiles serving the Holy Spirit in the first generation.
In the beginning God’ thoughts pinpointed a time to occur, for all things. A time to be born, time to die, time to plant, time to gather the planted, time to kill, time to heal, time to break down, time to build up, time to weep, time to laugh, time to mourn, time to dance, time to cast away stones, time to gather stones together, time to embrace, time to refrain from embracing, time to get, time to lose, time to keep, time to cast away, time to rend, time to sew, time to keep silent, time to speak, time to love, time to hate, time of war, time of peace, time of beginning, time of ending.
All times are of God’s making: No Man Has Anything That Didn’t Come Down From Heaven! Can man, whom God made, have any decisions that are not from God? Man is dead without God’s thoughts to operate the vehicle. God does all things, using the physical vehicle to accomplish His thoughts. The Father’s thoughts are imputed into a physical vehicle/temple: to accomplish that which He pleases, and when accomplished, they will return to the Father as given. Both celestial, and terrestrial, word returns to the Father perfectly accomplished: in their particular value.
The thought, of choice, is given to man’s vehicle, by God. If the dust, from which man is made, had a choice, there would be no God; man would destroy God, and become his own God. It was God’s thoughts, breathed into the dust, that gave man life in the terrestrial realm, and every thought that man carries out to fulfillment. 
A celestial angel, eagle, is a part of God’s Word, initiated to accomplish a thought of His eternal plan. A terrestrial angel, foul of the air, is a word to accomplish a will of Satan’s given plan. The word, of God, and of Satan, can take an image of it’s original source. Man, speaking his word, sends forth an image of his physical body. The images, of God, of Satan, and of man, can be seen, at times, by physical eyes: an image conveyed to the brain for revelation.
There is teaching of being saved, or being born again. What does that mean? It was always a confusing issue, to me, and never understood. Teachers, and preachers, tell their congregation to get saved, but what did they mean? Do they, too, not understand?
To be born again is to die to the terrestrial thoughts, words, and works, and be born into the celestial thoughts, words, and works.
To be saved is a similar event, in one’s vehicle: rebuking of the terrestrial realm, and seeking fervently the celestial realm. The terrestrial realm is thoughts of the physical brain, going forth to accomplish all details of those thoughts. The celestial entity, of God’s Brain, takes over the physical vehicle accomplishing God’s thoughts. To have the terrestrial thoughts working the physical vehicle, along with the celestial thoughts, results in a double minded vehicle, and has nothing of God: as a saved word. 
The leaven, or terrestrial thoughts, neutralize the celestial thoughts, e.g., one cannot seek after two Gods. The celestial, and terrestrial, thoughts are always at enmity with each other. In other words: “one’s spiritual heart is saved from the terrestrial world, and only lives by the celestial world“. Living, by obeying, the commands of God. Faith is dead without works, and works are dead without faith. The celestial soul must study, in truth, and do the understanding he receives.
When Christ was crucified, the Father cut off the celestial thoughts from Him, replacing light with darkness, i.e., all earth’s terrestrial thoughts: for the purpose of Christ’s soul descending into hell. Christ did not accomplish works of terrestrial thoughts, but took darkness, on Himself, as an example to those using the terrestrial thoughts as god.
Darkness, i.e., the terrestrial soul, is pre-destined to hell. The celestial soul, of Christ, would have consumed hell. The darkness, of hell, could not endure the Light of God‘s Word! Christ became three entities as terrestrial man. The terrestrial word went into hell. The physical temple went to the grave. The celestial vessel went to paradise. Though none of Christ’s entities perished, and was raised from the separation process, it returned to the Father in righteousness, whose spiritual body was rent in the midst: that the heart could return to the inner room, of God‘s temple: without the terrestrial word of the world.
Hell is a place far from God; that is darkness is as far away from light as possible. Hell is now in the heart of the earth: heaven surrounding the earth, makes the further most place, from light, the earth’s center. In time hell will be in outer space; this being after heaven comes to earth, leaving the outer sky the further most place from light, known as the bottomless pit: and hell will exist there for the unrighteous, until the last end.