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God’s nerve system is divided among the chosen, in the first generation: of each eternal day. The prophets are the vehicles, God uses, to convey celestial thoughts to His people. The prophets were until John, of the second generation: after which prophesy interpretation was the Brain’s gift to man.
The Spirit, of God, was first to come into the world. The thoughts, of God, from His Brain (Holy Spirit) conveyed, God’s, thoughts into the world, and from His thoughts, with intent, created all things. Thoughts, with intent, are as if the words were spoken! 
From the action of God’s Brain, i.e., God’s mind gave thoughts for His creation. From the invisible thoughts, of God, came forth a mist that formed His Word into being. Ten times, in the book of Genesis of the King James Bible, “God said” and that thought was accomplished: out of the invisible thought of the Father’s mind.
God’s prophets are imputed with His thoughts. The prophets carry the thoughts, of God, to the leaders of God’s people. The leaders, of God’s people, convey God’s thoughts to all the chosen people, of the twelve nations. The word is passed down to the off springs, and they pass it on to their off springs: until it is given to all the chosen descendants, of the first generation.
There is a man who thinks he does a thing; this thought, is imputed into that man, by the impulse, of God‘s Brain, to think accordingly. The terrestrial thoughts, given to the first man, God created, were for all terrestrial details: to be accomplished, down through the ages, and increase with each generation, because of numerical divisions. The terrestrial works bring each eternal day to it’s end. 
Man, is said, to have use of ten percent of his brain. Though man’s brain is made in God’s image, and could accomplish all things, as God has: with the complete use of his brain. However he is not allowed that power. Therefore each man, given power to use part of his brain, is limited to God‘s gift, of terrestrial power. Leaving ninety percent of the brain idle. The idle portion, of man’s brain, is sometimes possessed by foreign thoughts. The reason for super strength, in a individual temple, is the different thoughts, within a particular temple, compound their strength: amplified by the number of spirits within that temple: unless it be a contradictory spirit, in which the thought, within, will weaken, the other. When all terrestrial spirits have accomplished their portion, of works, it concludes God’s desires for His terrestrial realm. 
When the terrestrial realm excels to it’s limited measure of thoughts, words, and works, God has a deterrent to prevent him from exceeding that measure. Twice God has deterred man’s, over all, growth in power, and knowledge: in this earth age. Once in confusion, of tongues, and a second time in destruction of all physical flesh, with exception of seed, to replenish the world. The third time will be at the end of the six days, given to man: when God will consume all terrestrial thoughts, words, and works, to make paradise: even greater than the first paradise, of this eternal day. Paradise will be the seventh day: the Sabbath of the earth day of rest: from all the terrestrial realm.
The vessels, of God‘s Heart, that are manifested in chosen vehicles, of flesh, will carry out, again, the same things that Jesus did, and greater things: because it is the same Word in small portions, for each vehicle. Jesus is the name, of All God’s Word, given for this eternal day. The entity, of celestial word, will do no more, or no less, than is desired of the Father; it will not return to the Father void.