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God made the world, and everything in it. The world was made for the righteous: in that the righteous contain the Word, of God. The world is God’s, and the fullness thereof. The World is His, and everything in it! The terrestrial mind continuously try dominating the world, but will never possess it!
After seven thousand years, of renewing the earth’s surface, we are then confronting the works, of the second eternal day.
During times, within each eternal day, man is idle for six, and a half, days (six thousand, and five hundred years): while the earth is being prepared, and paradise set for man’s inhabitance. When man awakens, so to speak, he continues carrying out details, of God‘s plan: in the second, and third, eternal days. E.g., Adam, in the second eternal day, named the animals: having the knowledge ascend from the precious eternal day. It was as though man had slept through the seven thousand years, of night, and awakened the next day.
The man God created/formed/made from the earth’s dust, in His own image, was lifeless. The body, without God’s thoughts, is dead. God breathed terrestrial thoughts/spirit into man, giving man life. All God’s terrestrial thoughts, imputed into man are then distributed among descendents of that man: coming down through the loins of the father. Man was created, as a vehicle, to carry out the Father’s thoughts. In the midst of the sixth day, or sixth thousandth year: therefore making man fifteen hundred years old, at the end of God’s work, inclusive of His day of rest. To God, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years, is as one day. God gave man the ability to use a portion of his brain. God conveyed the thought, to man, to replenish the earth with the terrestrial realm. To replenish was to say it had been filled before. 
God prepared the earth, and a paradise for His image to live: for a time. Man’s time, in paradise, was fifteen hundred years: after which the world came forth. The vehicle enters the world to carry the thoughts, of God, in accomplishing His desires. God gave man gifts of using his brain: some to one track, some to wider range, and some to extreme abilities to do many diverse things, in the physical. It is strange that the single track brain seems to be in charge of the worldly activities: when he is the most simple minded of all: appearing that he learns, and desires, more about one particular subject, without ability to jump the groove, of a single understanding, in learning other aspects of the terrestrial realm. Giving him authority over much more intelligent men, than he; however all power is ordained of God, i.e., God’s Brain from the creation.
Forever of forevers. When mentioned in a particular time: forever is only for that time, and it will be one of the many events, ended, in the eternal forever. The eternal forever includes all the individual eternities, generations, seasons, and times, of God’s eternal plan.
In the division, of God, there is three. The Father/Head and body, the Holy Spirit/Brain and body, Christ/Heart and body. These divisions can be seen better by associating them with man, who is the image of God. Head and body, brain and nerve system, heart and blood system. At the final perfection the entities, of God, will be together again, as in the beginning. One God: Heads, and bodies, united! As written, in scripture, “one Shepherd with one fold of sheep“.