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It is night again, and time begins for the second eternal day. There are seven thousand years, of darkness, followed by seven thousand years of light.
We are, again, in God, and the word that goes to renew the earth’s surface.
The details, of God’s eternal plan, are little know about the first earth age, i.e., eternal day. We, of the second eternal day, have no remembrance of the first eternal day: as we continue to go forth accomplishing God’s desires. We only have the understanding that there was previous eternal days. There are fossils, etc., remaining from the previous eternal day, after the renewing of the earth’s surface. The surface, of the earth, is pushed into the earth; forcing the inside back to the surface. God renews it by His thoughts: of earthquakes, volcanoes, wind, rain, etc, etc, etc. Even cities are built on their own heap, having been pushed downward into the earth below. The thoughts, of God, from before the foundation of the world: go forth to accomplish that which He pleases. In renewing the earth’s surface, at His desire, and time.
Man’s voice is silent during the resurfacing of the earth. Only the sound of the earth’s rumbling. This is not the first time, nor the last, as stated “in the former eternal days”. God’s thoughts were revealed to Adam’s mind. There was no vocal speaking during the time of Adam, Eve, and God, in the garden of paradise. It is as though God walked, and talked, with man. God talking, with Adam, was a conveyance of God’s thoughts, to Adams mind. After paradise was dissolved, and the world came forth, Adam, and Eve, were in the terrestrial realm, to continue God’s plan. Man’s voice was now heard for communication. God does not think like man, nor are His ways man’s ways. 
For fifteen hundred years Adam, and Eve, lived and produced off springs in paradise. Communicating with God by thought: no sound of man’s voice was heard. Then came the terrestrial thoughts with intent, from God, to bring the terrestrial realm into being. Terrestrial thoughts entered the world through woman’s vehicle, and was conveyed to man’s vehicle: to start the cycle of terrestrial realm. This is the beginning of the world, as God has desired from His beginning. Man was no longer communicating, with God, by thoughts, but by words did he cry out to HIM. 
It is written in this eternal day, God said to man: “go forth, and replenish the earth“. How did man replenish the earth, if it was never occupied before? The earth, and it’s inhabitants, have been since the beginning, and the beginning is God. 
There is no death, with the celestial word. When the word leaves the physical body, it goes forth forever: to re-enter a physical body in appointed time, or to return to the Father accomplished. The life is the entity, of God, that lives in the vehicle, using the vehicle to accomplish a measure of work; then it discards the vehicle until another given time. 
In considering the celestial word; it enters, in third, and then first, heaven, until another eternal day. The terrestrial word remains in the world, hell, bottomless pit, and heaven at the last end.
With the terrestrial word; it passes through the world to enter another vehicle, to finish the works given, by Spirit. When another thought enters a vehicle it will amplify the original mind, of that vehicle, or debase the original mind of that vehicle: depending on the value of the two thoughts. Sometimes multitudes, of thoughts, will occupy a single vehicle; using that vehicle to accomplish those thoughts