Chapter 1

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First Eternal Day

​Man is what he speaks. When man speaks the celestial word, he is justified. When man speaks the terrestrial word, he is condemned: every idle word is reserved for burning. Idle words are burned away from the righteous, while still in the physical vehicle, but for the unrighteous, they are reserved for world judgment.
God separated the terrestrial temples/vehicles. The word, of terrestrial thoughts to accomplish earthly works, He called Leviathan, and the word, of celestial thoughts to accomplish celestial works, He called Enoch. The works, of a double minded man, i.e. lukewarm include works of both realms, and have nothing of God! Until the spiritual vessel is cleansed, the leaven, of the terrestrial word, renders the celestial word void. 
The two living creatures (celestial soul, and terrestrial soul) that God ordained are Christ’s body, and Antichrist’s body.
Enoch, or celestial Word, is given the heavenly realm, in seven divisions, i.e. seven spiritual churches headed by seven divisions of God‘s Word: for this eternal day. In time, God’s word, is distributed throughout the world.
Leviathan, or terrestrial word, is given the earth’s realm, in seven continents, of human occupancy. The governments, of the seven continents, is the terrestrial realm spirit. Satan is man. Satan being a spirit, is the spirit within man’s physical temple. Man’s spirits are his thoughts, and words: therefore the thoughts, and words, of man is Satan, i.e., terrestrial realm. Any part, of Satan, is satan!
God distributes the terrestrial ministry, among the terrestrial elect, for Satan’s realm: giving a portion to each temple, of dust, that is of the terrestrial realm: the word, i.e. bread of spiritual death: just as He divided His seven churches among His chosen temples, and is spiritual bread, of life, eternal.
Writer’s thought: It appears, by observation, the terrestrial vehicle seeks to return to it’s area of ascent: from the earth’s dust. Could this be that the dust, of that particular physical being, tends to seek the same location for it’s decent back into the earth: that it should join the same dust from which it came? It also appears, by observation, that the celestial spirit, within the terrestrial vehicle, seeks to return to it’s nativity: God, from which it descended!
When ALL God’s thoughts are accomplished, they will start, from the beginning, again. Those things that have been will be again, and that which is being done has been done before, and shall be done again: God requiring it in His time, and seasons. When all things have been accomplished, to His desires, then there is nothing that has not been done. Physical vehicles will carry out all God’s thoughts. Each eternal day will re-cycle again, and again: throughout eternity, of eternities. Therefore we need not condemn those thoughts given to another vehicle: it is God’s eternal plan! Some to honor, and some to dishonor.
If the things, God has done, were written in books; the world could not contain them. In six thousand years (six days) all thoughts, of God, were set, for the eternity of eternities; accomplishing each event according to His desires. The Father’s thoughts with intent, are the eternal life: never ending, and never changing. God’s eternal plan is established in Him. There is nothing God has not done! Truth is that which never changes, or never ends! To us, in this eternal day, there is nothing new; it has all been done before.
By much wisdom comes grief, and sorrow. Knowing things of the past to be things of the future, will bring about sorrow, and grief: in that man, himself, cannot change God’s eternal plan. And if one could change any detail, of His plan, it would make God a liar, and man the truth: GOD FORBID! Grief, and sorrow, could come, to many, understanding eternity, and not have the ability to change other’s works: which direct them to destruction.
All thoughts, terrestrial and celestial, are to be accomplished in forty-two thousand years, i.e., three eternal days, of fourteen thousand years each. God accomplishes things in the midst of time. His Word comes from His Heart: from the midst of His temple. He also does things in threes. God uses Himself in three parts, divided among three generations: applied to each, of the three, eternal days.