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God gives wisdom to those who ask sincerely, with the ability to continue until His end. Those who have wisdom will be judges of the twelve nations, of Israel, during the last thousand year generation. The judgment is done within the heart, and mind, of the vessels. All those within this realm will dwell, though that time, securely. All his descendents will hold wisdom in their possession
When first committed, to wisdom, one will experience crooked paths, with fear and dread, from the transposing of knowledge. When the souls, of those chosen, are secure in trust, then will he be granted the secrets of the celestial realm. After which wisdom will reveal the straight way into the celestial kingdom. But if one should fall, back to the terrestrial realm, he will be given over to his own damnation.
Each entity, of God’s Word, will accomplish that which He has given to the individual vehicle: of each eternal day, and by each generation, according to the progressive increase, from beginning, to end.
There are many written examples, to understand God. However, in this composition I attempt the example God gave: comparing Him to His image. He made man in His image! Synonymous words, and expressions, are used in various thoughts, of this composition.
God is one. There is no other God before Him! God is the beginning, and the ending! In the beginning; His thoughts produce the events of the eternities, of an endless plan. God’s thoughts go forth to accomplish that which He pleases. The world is without end. 
The eternity of eternities: the generations dividing each eternity: forevers of forever: appointed times of each time: seasons: and all details were set in the first six days (six thousand years), when God created all things. When forever is accomplished in a particular event: then forever can apply for each event following. An eternity, of one eternal day, does not incorporate all eternal days. Eternity, of the first eternal day, is finished when the details, of that day, are completely accomplished.
It is dark, and time begins for the first eternal day. Seven thousand years (seven days) are consumed for creation. A spiritual Light enters into the spiritual darkness, consuming it.
It is God. It is the beginning. It is darkness. We are in God. We are invisible with God. We are gods in God. Any part, of God, is god. We are His Thoughts, with intent to accomplish. We are His Words that accomplish, and produce; and works that fulfill His desires. God is what He speaks. The words that go out of His mouth, are gods: divided as He desires, into temples of dust. A thought, with intent to accomplish that thought, is as speaking the words of that thought. However if one rebukes a thought, and has no desire to accomplish it; then it is ineffective.
In the creation God thought the details into being, to fill the earth with His desires for an eternal plan. To accomplish all terrestrial thoughts within a physical vehicle: created/formed/made of earth’s dust.
God’s Brain was activated. The mind is the action of the Brain. The mind is between the brain, and the word. The Brain, the mind, the thoughts with intent, the words, and the conclusion, are all one! Any part of the Brain is brain. 
Seven thousand years (seven creation days) of creating the earth. He reasoned out the events, the times, and the seasons, for all things to be. All things were made from the intent of God‘s thoughts, and by nothing else was anything made. He parted the times, generations, and ages. He provided the absence, of memory, for each eternal day: that thoughts, of the previous eternal day, would be void. No thought would be to understand the works, as they came forth again, and again, and again: throughout the eternity of eternities.

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