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     I would like to mention. Without God I would not be here, without God I would not have made it through.

     When all signs of man were pointing to death, when man was giving up to say my life was over. 


I say God!

     Had another plan for me! 

     Whether it was to show that he is God and to let man know that through God all things are possible, or to raise me to another level in his army, with my battle of cancer.

     I give all the praise and glory to Him! 

     Jehovah Rophe,  The Almighty, The heavenly father, The Am that I Am, God.


What every name you would like to use. My God heals and is not a respecter of persons.

If he can heal me he can heal you, if he can snatch me from deaths door he can do the same for you!