Armageddon is a spiritual, and a physical, war. The destruction of all man’s thoughts, words, and works, in the world. All the spirits of man are consumed by the Spirit of God. The physical man will turn on his own, when his thoughts, and words, are consumed by the Word of God........

Evangelist Carlton Watkins and Minister Mike Harding were guest at New Life Center in Lake City Florida. For New Life's Pastor appreciation day.  In Lake City Florida.

Here is a partial video of a Warriors Are on The Move Praise and Worship Event.
I hope you enjoy and feel the precents of the Spirit of God as we all did.

​Ecclesiastes 1:4 One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for even. Note God does things​ in threes.

​Generations are given is in threes also. the earth brings forth its children one after the other: as does a woman. The invisible things are know by the things that are made. Romans 1:20

The book, of Revelation, is the summary of all prophesy, throughout the bible. [The invisible things are known by the things that are made; Romans 1:20]. As study, in any class schedule, requires a summary, of that subject, before testing: the scriptures are given, and then summarized in the end of the study. Revelation is the last book, of the bible, and is recognized as the summary of the bible prophesy. Although in symbolism, parables, etc., as given by the Word, it takes much study, and dedication, in the Word, to translate the secular expressions to tongues of angels (celestial understanding). CHAPTER 1 c.A.D. 96

This is How I Fight My Battles

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God gives wisdom to those who ask sincerely, with the ability to contine until his end. Those who have wisdom will be judges of the twelve nations, of Israel,​​​ during the last thousandsyear generation. The judgement is done within the heart and mind of the vessels. All those within this realm will dwell, though that time, securely. all descendents will hold wisdom in their possession

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